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Huang lian or Coptis Chinensis Rhizoma is a common herb to clear heat and dry dampness

Ancient medicine modern health

Small batch tinctures, herbal powders,teas and topicals handcrafted in accordance with traditional Chinese medicine principals and formulations

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If you are a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine or East Asian medicine, an herbalist or Naturopathic Doctor log in here to purchase tinctures and powders.

One of the calming herbal teas available in the apothecary

Teas and topicals

Herbal tea blends are a gentle and effective way to harmonize the body. While topical salves and liniments help heal from the outside in. 

Why botanical tinctures?

As research into chemical components of Chinese herbs and their effect on the body increases more people are turning to this healing system which is a whole plant based medicine.  


The benefits of using the actual herb root, stem, leaf, seed or flower is that, in combination, side effects and toxicity of different herbs can be reduced while the effectiveness enhanced. All plant parts will most likely not be used in a single formula as different plant parts have specific properties which can be extracted for varying therapeutic effects.

If you are new to tinctures as a treatment modality some advantages of Chinese medicine tinctures are:

  • Easy to administer therefore improve patient compliance especially for children and patients with difficulty swallowing.

  • Tinctures are concentrated therefore only small doses are needed for therapeutic effect.

  • Chinese herbal tinctures be taken anywhere as bottles are small and no preparation is required.

  • Our stock of over 200 single herbs makes it easy to create the perfect TCM herbal tincture for your patient. View our product guide.

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New Herbs Added

  • ting li zi

Skin Care Line 

  • launching summer 2024

  • pre-order will begin in July



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