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Sleep and Stress Syrup DIY

Feeling overwhelmed, tired but wired? This calming blend of herbs can help promote a more restorative sleep. When we sleep better we have more energy for the day and a greater ability to handle stressors that come up.

Several of the ingredients, such as Jujube date, lotus seed and lily bulb are also foodstuffs, while others are herbs that may be familiar such as reishi, schisandra and licorice and others that may be new, such as sour jujube seed and albizia tree bark and flower.

suan zao ren (sour jujube seed) this sweet and sour seed has a calming action to help with irritability, difficulty falling and staying asleep, as well as night sweats.

he huan pi and hua (albizia tree bark and flower) these two parts of the albizia tree can help with irritability, insomnia and PMS.

ling zhi (ganoderma/reishi) this fungus is known to improve immune function and it also helps with fatigue, irritability and anxiousness.

wu wei zi (schisandra) this herb in Chinese means five flavour seed and it really does have a complex flavour. It can be used to help with insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, anxiety, also chronic cough

bai he (lily bulb) is sweet and slightly bitter. It has a calming effect to help with insomnia, restless as well it benefits the throat and helps with dry cough

lian zi (lotus seed) helps with anxiety, insomnia, irritability, palpitations

da zao (jujube, Chinese date) this sweet date has a nourishing effect to calm the spirit, soothe irritability.

gan cao (licorice) supports other herbs in calming the mind, regulating emotions and sleep

Process for syrup

  1. gather supplies - herbs, honey, measuring cups, scale (if needed), pot, strainer, labels

  2. weigh/measure herbs (pack of herbs already comes pre-weighed)

  3. add herbs and 2 cups of water to a pot

  4. bring water to a boil then reduce to low

  5. simmer to one cup, then strain

  6. add strained liquid back to pot and continue to simmer down to ½ cup.

  7. measure liquid and add equal amount of honey (about ½ cup) while still warm

  8. once cool bottle and label

  9. store in fridge for several weeks

Want to try it for yourself? Herbs are packaged and available for purchase from the webstore. All the herbs a pre-weighed and ready to cook, honey is not included.

Disclaimer: Information provided in this post is meant for educational purposes only and is not designed to diagnose or treat conditions. Contact your health care provider before taking any herbs.

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